Bhumitech Inc

Electrolytic Gel Earthing System

Based in Gurgaon, Haryana we are one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Electrolytic Gel Earthing System. Our Electrolytic Gel Earthing System does not require any extra maintenance. It is eco-friendly in nature and prevents any adverse effect on the soil or round water. The gel and the backfill compound are 4% soluble in water so that leaching is very minimal. We welcome bulk orders with an assurance of in time delivery.


Properties :

  • Reduces resistance to earth
  • Perform in all soil conditions even during dry periods
  • Does not depend on the continuous presence ot water/Not require regular watering
  • Require no maintenance/Maintenance Free System
  • Maintain constant resistance for the life of the system
  • Does not adversely effect soil or ground water
  • NABL Certified
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Complaint
  • Life more than 30 Years


Electrolytic Gel Maintenance Free Earthing System : To protect Human Life, Equipments, Building-Industry, Power Supply, and Power Generation Equipments etc from any electrical hazard, we have to need Good Earthing System at place. The Good Earthing System should be stabilizes circuit positional w.r.t ground and limit the overall potential rise, protect the things related and nearby the place from any type to electricl hazard, provide the low impedande path. Through extensive research and development of the electrolytic gel grounding concept,BTI have designed hazard by using the Eco friendly different type of backfill compounds. BTI Electrolytic Electrode effectively utilize a hygroscopic process to acquire mositure from the atmosphere. The moisture & the nontoxic chemical inside the electrode react and create an electrolytic solution. This electroytic solution leaches into the surrounding soil through ports that have been positioned in the electrode. This process improves the soil conductivity and dramatically reduces electrical resistance between the electrode and the earth. Best quality & high conductive electrolytic conductor and experienced technical qualified BTI installation team.


Characterstics :

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Electrode for corrosion protection.
  • 100% EC Grade Pure Copper Electrode.
  • Bonded Copper Rod Electrode UL Listed.
  • Designed to protect human life, equipments, machineries etc. from earth related hazards & leakage Current.
  • Maintenance Free, Easy to install at site & Long Life product.
  • Crystalline Conductive Mixture (CCM) filled inside the electrode to increase the conductive properties.


Type Electrolytic
Certification CE Certified
Voltage 220V
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 1-3kw
Driven Type Electric
Warranty 1 Year